Affiliated Teachers


yoga teachers that honor the whole.

committed to yoga as a vehicle for embodiment, sanity, healing Relationships and transformative education.

APFY Affiliated Teachers have completed a rigorous curriculum of study pertaining to the psychology of yoga and yoga as a somatic psychology. This path involves practice, pedagogy and personal growth. They have studied and are actively utilizing the following in their classes: the sensate body as gateway to embodiment, trauma sensitivity in teaching, the shadow as a path to Soul, psychological phenomena occurring in the context of yoga, healthy community building skills, and embodied ethics. They are not trained to teach psychology. The teach teach in a manner that both honors their own unique yoga style, while encompassing techniques of Somatic Psychology to make the teachings they offer more potent. Each of these teachers has a distinct capacity to support their students as whole, soulful beings. Though these teachers differ in style of asana teaching, they approach their teaching with the lens of Applied Psychology for Yogis. Seek out these teachers for some of the most sane yoga the industry can offer.



Traci Jo Lee, E-RYT, YACEP

Yoga teacher, creator and owner of east beach yoga SSI, Kali Yoga Lake Oconee, retreat company, and director of non-profit,, based in Athens, GA. Traci is obsessed with movement. With over fourteen years of teaching experience, she offers public classes, workshops, leads yoga retreats, enjoys hosting global yoga influencers and mentoring yoga teachers. Traci's mission is to create spaces for yoga teachers to lead and yoga students to learn.

Follow the adventure on social: @tracijoleeyoga @kaliyogalakeoconee @eastbeachyoga @sault108 @humanyogaproject

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Maggie White

Maggie moves wholeheartedly towards well-being. As a wild-at-heart spiritual explorer, she prioritizes self-discipline, curiosity, radical honesty, and her truest love, immersing in nature. Fueled by her lifetime of lessons and formal yoga studies beginning in 2002, Maggie's offerings span the timeline of age from prenatal and mama + baby classes, toddler through young adults, our senior community and everyone in between. She began teaching yoga in 2003 in a university setting and enjoys guiding practices in studios, schools, parks, corporate offices, private homes and online platforms. In 2012, she developed her year long Yoga for Well-being curriculum for high school students and continues to implement and refine this work for the support and health of our rising youth.

Years of study and mentorship in the Ashtanga and Anusara lineages inform her personal asana practice and also the methodology and practical application of her teaching style. A lover of ritual and rites of passage, Maggie never tired of trainings, completing 2 full 200 hour teacher trainings, an advanced 500 hour Yoga for Therapeutic Application course, and hundreds of hours in specialized studies and courses in prenatal, mindfulness, chronic pain, neuroscience, anatomy, and philosophy of the science of yoga. She in turn is a contributing facilitator to multiple TT programs in the southeast, and offers mentorship and work placement for yoga teachers in Chattanooga TN. Raised in a contemplative Catholic household where family therapy started at the young age of 7, she has a deep familiarity with integrating all aspects of ourselves to thrive as a Whole Being and the unique synthesis of Applied Psychology for Yogis.  

"My devotion to well-being is fueled by my desire to actively engage life.

This takes a Living practice: a practice that pulses with vitality, nourished by stages of growth and the waxing and waning of natural rhythms. A Living practice offers a venue to truly put into action, through body, mind and soul, my honest prayers and to enjoy exploring my humanness. I absolutely believe in the power of cold river plunges, being schooled by a mountain, and knowing where my food and Truth come from. It is my honor to welcome you."

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Katie Lane

Katie has been teaching yoga and facilitating spaces for group learning and exploration since 2005. She sees yoga as an invitation to step into a deep relationship with ourselves on every level – body, mind, heart. Katie believes that embodied awareness is the foundation for thriving in the relational life. Her hope is that we cultivate a deeply intimate awareness in our practice so that what grows through yoga over the time is the possibility of really knowing ourselves and the empowerment of being able to make choices on and off the mat that truly serve us and those we relate with. 

Deeply informed by long time studies in non-dual Tantra (modern yoga philosophy) and current interests in applied psychology and Non Violent Communication (NVC), Katie weaves both practicality and soulful intention into her teaching in ways that are accessible, down to earth, and change making. She is an ERYT-500, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS). Outside of her work with groups, she is devoted to sharing the healing potential of yoga in one-on-one yoga therapy. Off the mat, Katie is currently working towards a Masters in Counseling and soon begins a three year training in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing.

I currently teach at Space Yoga & Mindfulness in Wellington and will be offering programs at Urban Yoga too.

I also travel and teach workshops and retreats. 


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Nicole Nadeau

Nicole Nadeau, E-RYT 200 & YACEP is a passionate and playful teacher, coach, and Reiki Master. Embodiment is the thread that weaves through her offerings; exploring the inner landscape of the body mind soul connection through Hatha Yoga and energy work. She incorporates functional movement, anatomy, biomechanics, energy medicine, philosophy, and basic applied psychology into her classes, combining book smarts and heaps of self discovery.  Her classes are easy to digest, interactive, encourage creativity, and spark curiosity. She’s been called a tough-loving teacher — with strong and supportive classes, she invites you to lean into and examine the bits lingering in the shadows and layers of self. 

You might catch her outside in a rainstorm, dancing barefoot in the kitchen, or geeking out on anatomy. Connect with her via

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Peach Friedman

Peach Friedman, E-RYT 500, has been studying the system of yoga since 1997, and began teaching yoga + other movement practices from her family’s studio in 2001.

Also the author of the internationally acclaimed memoir, Diary of an Exercise Addict, Peach has worked for over a decade helping women recover from eating disorders, both in the clinical setting, as well as through special retreats, workshops, and other offerings.

Exposed to yoga from a young age, Peach’s practice developed seriously at the age of seventeen when she was first introduced to Integral Yoga as taught by students of Swami Satchidananda. When she was twenty-one, grief and unexpressed fears married with Peach’s fascination of her body’s boundaries, and she developed anorexia, from which she recovered with an increased curiosity to both understand, and better care for, her body.

Peach’s classes emphasize skillful alignment. She is known for challenging classes (expect to work hard!) that aim to balance the relationship between stability and mobility, as well as the relationship between the pose and the person. Peach weaves in teachings of the philosophy & science of yoga while guiding students through the postures. She is as passionate in the yoga studio as she is off her mat: Peach’s classes are bold and balanced experiences intended to inject you with inspiration to lead a wild & peaceful life. for more info.

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Judi Checo

Judi studied with the iconoclastic Kelly Morris graduating from her 300-hour YA certified Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program.

She believes in a dedicated meditation practice and that yoga is a tool for self exploration through which we observe and fully grow into and embody ourselves.

She sees yoga asana practice as a journey inward: the pose is the vehicle; the breath is the map and together they take us within to the very center of who we are. That ride can be glorious or bumpy, straightforward or full of many twist and turns but it is never boring and is always empowering.

She is passionate about teaching yoga in Spanish and making the yoga community more inclusive and diverse and teaches bilingual classes in her community in Washington Heights and Inwood. Learn more about Judi at

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Renee Gahan

Renee began practicing yoga and meditation in the mid 1990s at her mother's house in Salem, South Carolina. At the time, there were few neighbors close by and no yoga studios. For several years, her primary practice was vipassana meditation and Okinawan Goju Ryu karate while occasionally practicing yoga from books. After earning a 2nd degree black belt, her Senseis asked her if she wanted to teach yoga. In 2002, she taught her first class seeing it as something to do on the side. The intimacy of the experience was profound, and she realized that her practice needed to evolve in order to support what was happening in her classes. Ashtanga was the first style she practiced consistently, and through the intense and reliable sequence, and contact with the breath, it set her squarely on a healing path. Then she gave birth to her first daughter and to herself as a mother in 2008, and her needs in the practice turned even more to yoga as a catalyst for healing. In 2010, she earned an RYT 200 through Max Strom's Inner Axis teacher training.

Breath, meditation, and conscious movement as a vehicle for healing have been at the core of Renee's practice and her teaching since the very beginning. In her sessions she offers insight at the intersections of yoga, meditation, psychology, and functional movement. She encourages the spirit of exploration and offers techniques for students to develop awareness of body, mind, and breath. 

She helps people find their grace as they move through transitions. She helped a woman give birth and is sought after as a prenatal yoga instructor. She teaches college level yoga and meditation courses, and she goes into her daughters' elementary school classrooms for meditation time. She teaches in the assembly hall of a local church. She is recognized in her community as a yoga and meditation teacher who guides people to their peace. For her, it's an honor to share what she has come to know and understand through this work.

Her training and approach is breath centered, growth oriented, and therapeutic.  She has participated in trainings and attended retreats from internationally and nationally recognized teachers such as Max Strom, Livia Cohen-Shapiro, Michael Stone, David Keller, Kathryn Bruni-Young, and Sri Pattabi Jois. Recently, she earned a mindfulness meditation facilitation certificate from a London based program that focused not only on supporting a student's practice but also the psychology of meditation fundamentals.