Somatic Mentoring

Witness, Reflection and Integration That Bridges the Personal and Professional.


You already know that the practices of Yoga pull at your heart and require all of your participation. Maybe you feel masterful on the mat but not so much at life. Sometimes the yoga alone does not fix what you hoped, and even sometimes it elicits more than you imagined.

You already know that teaching yoga is a deeply personal and completely relational journey and not separate from your own life experiences. Being a teacher is about being in the deepest vein of integrity possible as you continue to evolve. This means You and your Life are not separate from teaching. 

In these instances it can be useful to find other kinds of support to meet the challenges of trauma, unhealthy relational patterns, and shadowy behaviors. 

Somatic Mentoring is an avenue for the continued unfoldment of all yogis. It is born from my own longings, frustrations, and what I know to be true on the path of wholeness. It is the synthesis of somatic psychotherapy training, body-centered and yoga-centric psychotherapy practices, and a belief in supporting yogis to be integrated human beings, capable of facing their lives with more dignity and joy. 


Somatic Mentoring is for you if...

You wan accountability and integrity in your career.  You have a lot on your plate. You want to generate creative ideas for your business. You want eyes and ears for help manifesting your dreams. You are sometimes overwhelmed, feel isolated and want support for the support you offer others.  

You are a teacher, facilitator or studio owner and need consultation. 

Your are a yoga teacher or student and you have reached an emotional impasse or are going through a big life transition--such as struggling with a specific issue like anxiety, disordered eating behavior, divorce, birth of a child, loss, or spiritual emergence

You have realized your practice surfaces aspects of yourself worth investigating alongside a guiding witness. There are gaps between who you are on the mat and who you are in your life. I can help you close those gaps.

You want to learn more authentic communication and relationship skills, to unwind personal traumas and to find new and creative ways to show up more fully as yourself.



Individual sessions are 70 minutes. 
Investment: $120/session.
Available in person in Boulder or via Skype.
24hr cancellation/rebooking required.