Our Vision


Yoga is a Somatic Psychology. 

Psychology is Yoga in Action. 


Applied Psychology For Yogis® is Livia's intellectual and felt-sense love child that advances the way we think about, practice, and teach modern yoga. It has grown from a tiny seed of speaking up to what seemed frayed and unsustainable in the worlds of yoga, movement and spirituality to a movement of yoga teachers and practitioners committed to full embodied, expression and deep sanity. 

Programs include one-on-one counseling, professional mentorship, online courses, in-person intensives, teacher training modules, educational lectures, and rites of passage retreats.

The first aim of Applied Psychology For Yogis is to encourage the yoga teacher's personal embodiment process through somatic resourcing, the unwinding of trauma and the investigation of emotional intelligence.

Building upon this solid foundation, the second aim of Applied Psychology for Yogis is to educate and support teachers in creating emotionally and psychologically sound yoga classes thereby empowering their students while finding the authentic capacity to guide students without selling out, coming up short, or feeling less than.

The third aim of Applied Psychology for Yogis is one of systemic change; to promote the psychological healing and growth of modern yoga culture by looking directly at the shadow of ourselves and our yogaverse. We move toward inclusivity and Right Relationship to self and other as we develop on our path.

We are changing the tide.