Whip Smart. Deeply Sensitive. Embodied Souls.


Livia Shapiro

Founder, Creator, Lead Teacher and Mentor.

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Mama first and foremost, wife, lover of words, teacher, counselor, spiritual activist and a forever student,

Livia helps students and teachers of yoga grow their ranges of motion and emotion through steady asana practice, somatic education, and body centered mentorship/counseling. She brings essential Somatic Psychology principles and tools to the lives, practice and teaching of dedicated yoga students and instructors worldwide.

As a clear seer, Livia facilitates deeply held space for psychotherapeutic healing and mentoring--into the places asana opens but needs more guidance. Her notoriously enthralling online programs are a call to action--educating teachers to build more nuanced psychological knowhow in their classes.  

Known for her sincerity, directness and humor, she often shares moving personal anecdotes that illuminate the spiritual path as deeply human and body-centric.  Classes, workshops and trainings leave students empowered, ignited and pushed right up to the edges of their own becoming.

Livia holds a masters of Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She has practiced and taught yoga for nearly two decades and her dedication to understanding the human experience is life-long. Her article Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy is published in the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy.

She is most at home in the cauldron of her own practices- be it asana, dance or writing. She resides in Boulder, CO with her husband, daughter, two aging cats and a lot of books.


Daniel Taylor

Administrative Assistant, Production. Visionary. Friend. 


Daniel was born and raised in Colorado, he found love at first sight when he first practiced Yoga in November of 2015. The euphoric sensation of matching breathe with movement quickly became a new passion. Just two months later he enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and he has not looked back. In just two years he has accumulated over one thousand teaching hours to obtain his E-YRT 200 while completing his 300hr Training with Christina Sell in November of 2018. Through his connection with his yoga community he is working to make change through acts of kindness and compassion.

His teaching ranges from Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa, Iyengar influenced Alignment, to rejuvenating restorative yoga. By being light, loving, and judgement-free he creates an environment where students can authentically be themselves. Daniel hopes to change the world with the gifts of his teachers.

Sarah Castner

Marketing. Social. Strategy. Brand.