Frequently Asked Questions. 


You've got questions. We've got answers. 


Where do I attend my course?

Use your computer or device to access the materials and live classes. If your course includes a mentoring session with Livia, you will meet via Skype or phone.

I fell behind in one of the online classes. Can I have a refund?

No refunds are given for missed classes, falling behind or realizing you have less time to devote than you thought. 

How do I access the online classes?

All the online classes our housed on a dedicated website. Its user friendly and solely for you as a student. All the materials will live there and you can return again and again to access your course with your 'lifetime' access. You will receive the website and all passwords needed in your enrollment letter.

How long do I have access to the material?


How long is each class?

Each live class is roughly 60 minutes. The length of courses fluctuates. some are four or six or eight weeks. Emotional Literacy is much longer. 

Do I have to pay all of the tuition up front, is there a payment plan option?

In our effort to meet a variety of financials needs from our students, we offer payment plans on some of the longer courses. Other courses have tiered pricing where you can choose your single payment based on your needs. If you have any questions about payments send us a note.

Is APFY Yoga Alliance Certified?

Livia and Applied Psychology for Yogis is not currently affiliated with YA. Livia belongs to ISMETA, IAYT, ADTA and you may contact them to request CEC.

Do courses count for CE hours?

We have had some success with students applying the hours for CEC. If you are in a larger teacher training and are taking a course as part of that, your hours are counted since your lead trainer is affiliated with YA. If you are taking this as your own continuing education you will need to request the hours be counted by the organization of choice. Of course we understand that CEC may be very important to you as you consider enrollment. Though this may create some extra work on your end, we hope that you will not be deterred from working with Livia and APFY. We are fully confident our programs will support your evolution personally and professionally.