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Trauma Awareness and Sensitive Teaching

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Course Description:

It is said that in our modern age "we are all in shock". Yoga studio waivers do not take full histories of peoples life experiences.

Meaning, we do not always know who and with what trauma story someone might walk into our class.

Rather than being afraid, we can simply take this as opportunity to educate ourselves as teachers. We can build classes and teach in a "Psychologically Sound" way so that our class is for everyone, regardless of story.

We can also continue to work through our own patterns and build new connections within our psyches and bodies to such a degree that our very presence in the classroom is a healing itself.


What to Expect:

Understand shock, trauma and activation from a variety of perspectives including, contemporary neuroscience, somatic psychology, yoga and soul/spiritual development.

Understand how and why yoga practice elicits emotions and stories, making it either deeply healing or rather triggering.

Understand how shock and trauma is stored in the body and what yoga can do to mitigate it.

Learn the difference between regulating and processing so you can support your students when their emotions arise in class.

Learn to teach a "Psychologically Sound" class for all students.

Understnad and work with your own emotions using your body as tool for support?

Add depth to your teaching.

Become skillfull in the essentials of somatic (body-based) resourcing. 

Cutting edge understandings of shock and trauma from Neuroscience and Yoga Psychology perspectives: The Nervous System, Polyvagal Theory, Learning and Memory Formation, The Limbic System. 

Why yoga is a natural tool for moving out of shock and into embodiment. 

How to assess for activation in your body and in those around you.

How to read a room and assess for activation and support as necessary within the context of general studio classes.

How to work with special populations of people who are more likely to have trauma embedded in there systems.

How to remain in your scope of practice and refer students out as necessary. 



20 lectures each, 60 minutes long.

A high level, high integrity, honest learning environment.

Recordings of every lecture to watch at your own time and pace.

Lifetime access to the material.

A manual in the form of printable files to return to again and again.

Homework assignments to support your learning and practice your new skills.

Access to readings from a variety of primary sources including books and articles. 

Video tutorials to aid in further digestion of material. 

Video and audio asana practices to support your process and learning of skills.

An online group of incredible support and like minded devoted teachers.



Unit 1 Essentials to understanding Shock, Trauma, Resourcing, and Integration from yogic and somatic psychology perspectives

Unit 2 Basic Terminology: shock, trauma, activation, regulation, integration, somatic regulation, somatic integration, titration, distress tolerance, emotional disregulation

Unit 3 Neuroscience of Shock and Trauma: The Limbic System

Unit 4 Neuroscience of Shock and Trauma: Memory and the inextricable link between motion and emotion

Unit 5 The Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory 

Unit 6 Resourcing: Somatic, Internal, External

Unit 7  Self Regulation and Somatic Integration: how to manage our own tendencies and unwind our patterns

Unit 8: Minding the Minefield: how to recognize and support shock in students

Unit 9: The Psychologically Sound Yoga Classroom: how to deal with activation in class

Unit 10: Working with Special Populations 



18 sessions of 60 minutes each with Livia and guest experts in the field (Guests to be Announced).

All sessions and materials are recorded and have lifetime access. You do not need to attend sessions live. 

Tuition: $725

2 Somatic Mentoring Sessions with Livia 


Please Note:

We take pride in doing lots of stuff by hand, student by student. Please allow 48 hours for confirmation of your enrollment. A thorough welcome letter with all materials and access info is sent approximately 2 weeks before the start of the course.


I ask that you enroll in our courses in an invested and committed manner. A great deal of time, energy, expertise and attention to students and detail goes into each course. I ask you extend the same to us and your classmates.  

You have permanent access to the program materials of your cohort. Therefore I ask you please do not request a refund because you have not had time to go through the course in the way you expected or you could not attend specific sessions. I believe in the importance of responsible adult education. I am confident in both the importance and application of this work in enhancing and changing your personal and professional life. 

No refunds. No Partial refunds for missed sessions. No partial refunds on payment plans. No exceptions. 

In the event of major power outages, internet snafus, acts of god, mercury retrograde or other unexpected circumstances the session effected will be rescheduled in a manner agreed upon by all students rather than a refund issued.