Emotional Literacy

Next cohort Begins October 2018

Course Description:

As a culture, we tend to be largely illiterate in our somatic and emotional vocabulary. Though yoga is one of the leading modes in rekindling that proficiency, many classes are focused primarily on the "doing" of asana and less on the more nuanced places of felt-sense, emotionality and presence within the practice.

If you are reading this, you are likely already deeply interested in these areas of practice. Inquiring into how to teach to these under-the-surface components of asana. You might find you are now being called to be and do more in your role as a yoga teacher. You may be feeling the pull to offer classes that are more trauma aware and resiliency based. You may be finding that in these turbulent times more people are turning to you and the yoga practice for solace. 

You are probably already seeing the blind-spots within our studies and trainings in yoga that limits our ability to regain and re-member our inherent somatic and emotional intelligence. In many teacher-trainings and immersions, with the focus on learning the topic at hand, there is less time to explore the teachings' impact on you as a human being. And many yoga teachers are not taught how to hold that kind of processing space.

After all, emotions and movement are inextricably linked. Proficiency in asana instruction and inspirational talks are not the only skills of effective yoga teachers. Being well prepared to teach asana does not always mean being skilled in teaching the person practicing.

But before you can go there, you need to become fully awake to our internal landscape. When you do, your capacity to read and support those around you increases dramatically. 

This is the Jedi Training you have been waiting for. 


I invite you to reclaim your inherent wisdom through a rich education in somatic, emotional, psychological, social and soul-listening literacy. This Immersion Develops your inner backbone, emotional bandwidth, psychological and conceptual understanding of human growth and development, as well as deeply satisfying interpersonal skills.  


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About the Curriculum:

We follow a developmental arc through layers or "Bodies"; Conception, The Sensate Body, The Emotional Body, The Psychological Body, The Creativity Body, The Social Body, and The Soul Body.

Each of these seven Bodies or layers is organized into easy-to-digest units, each containing specific topics, concepts and related goals.

Each of the units follows the following format: weekly lectures and their subsequent recordings, asana classes, video tutorials, readings, journaling, exercise and feedback/discussion.

Topics covered in the breadth and depth of this course are:

Self Process, The Inner Life, Emotional Regulation in Sadhana,

The Emotional Body in Yoga, The Psyche in Yoga, Teaching to the Experience of Emotions,

Neuroscience and Yoga, Attachment Theory and Theories of Personality complimentary to yoga, Theories of Human Development from a variety of soulful disciplines, 

Developmentally Appropriate Teaching, Trauma Sensitivity,

Shadow Recognition, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Community Building Skills, 

Psychotherapeutic Skills for Yoga Teachers, Scope of Practice and Ethics,

Authentic Learning and Teaching Styles.



26 hour-long sessions with Livia presenting the material (these are all recorded!) From October-May

A live stream recording of each session, an audio download of each session and video download of each session.

Downloadable PowerPoints chock-full of information to be used as a working manual.

Two, 1-hour Somatic Mentoring sessions with Livia over the course of the year.

Video tutorials and resources to support the lecture material. 

Written Yoga Sequences for a variety of levels and skill sets to facilitate learning and integration of material and for your use as templates.

Audio and video asana classes of varying length and challenge to augment your practice, learning and integration of concepts.

Academic readings from somatic psychology, yoga, neuroscience, human growth and development and the creative arts.

Homework assignments for practical application and creative exploration.

Opportunity to share experiences and gain knowledge in a like-minded, warm, safe, community—even though we may be far apart.

Opportunities for bridge-building and soul-full networking.

Opportunities to build ongoing support for your outer work, inner work, and businesses.

Ongoing email support throughout the duration of the program.

Additional office hours/discussion hours sessions that will be recorded and downloadable as well. (the group as a whole will decide on when and how many of these there will be)

Permanent access to all materials and the ability to audit any subsequent year free of charge. 



LIVE meetings Tuesdays @ 11 MST

Meetings weekly from October 2018 - May 2019 with breaks:

Tuition: $1008

Payment plans are available for greater accessibility. There is no extra cost to be on a plan.

Mentoring Sessions scheduled directly with Livia

Access to course content forever. You may audit the course again for free!

All sessions are recorded and the recordings available streaming and downloadable. If you cannot attend the Tuesday Lessons live you can still participate! 


Please Note:

We take pride in doing lots of stuff by hand, student by student. Please allow 48 hours for confirmation of your enrollment. A thorough welcome letter with all materials and access info is sent approximately 2 weeks before the start of the course.


I ask that you enroll in our courses in an invested and committed manner. A great deal of time, energy, expertise and attention to students and detail goes into each course. I ask you extend the same to us and your classmates.  

You have permanent access to the program materials of your cohort. Therefore I ask you please do not request a refund because you have not had time to go through the course in the way you expected or you could not attend specific sessions. I believe in the importance of responsible adult education. I am confident in both the importance and application of this work in enhancing and changing your personal and professional life. 

No refunds. No Partial refunds for missed sessions. No partial refunds on payment plans. No exceptions. 

In the event of major power outages, internet snafus, acts of god, mercury retrograde or other unexpected circumstances the session effected will be rescheduled in a manner agreed upon by all students rather than a refund issued.