Psychologically Sound Yoga Teaching Tip: Develop a Niche: You can't help everybody. So help somebody. To prevent helping nobody.

For me, a niche market is not an elite crew of people. It is not a VIP client or special high paying customer. It is not a limited special population with any kind of special needs. It is not a box to be screwed into. It is not a place to save or people to heal. A niche market--your niche market--is simply and metaphorically that very special island of service that calls to you, that invites you, and for which you have skills to offer.

You are not there to colonize or fix.

Its the land that for a long time has been calling you home. And so you built a ship, honed some sailing skills and made your way to that special shore, that special land, those special people that is special because it and they know your name--your true name.

Your niche market is that spot of earth in the vast sea of your industry that calls to you. Its land is your body and your breath. Its where you can unpack your burden and your skills and make a home.

A niche is not something you identify. It is something you listen to and for, carried on the wind. Sign up for Psychologically Sound Yoga Classroom by 7.15. Course runs Aug-Nov. Link in bio.

Livia Shapiro