I've been thinking a lot about S P A C E lately. As in, how much and what kind of space we need to be ourselves, our real selves. Not the version sold to us, projected upon us, or any introject would have us believe.
How can we can make more room inside our bodies though its boundaries are rather finite to degree?
How can we feel like there really is enough room inside of us to be, to grow, to yield, to become?
How do we find spaciousness in a packed day, week, month, year, life?
How do we make more space in our hearts for the unlovable and untouchable?
How can we make space for Grace?
How will we make space for what is quiet and precious and speaks in whispers in a crowded, loud and polluted world?
How do we give and receive space by inhabiting ourselves and this world with care and awareness of others space?

Livia Shapiro