Psychologically Sound Yoga Teaching Tip: Ask For What You Need

It is indeed possible for you to ask for what you need to create the best environment within which to offer your work and service, while simultaneously being respectful, easy to work with, and avoid pre-madonna status.

Some things to practice
1) Establish realistic expectations with yourself. Then articulate that into a kind request.

2) Identify your personal aim and mission and what success would look like for any given scenario. Then articulate that in a generous way to the other. Ask them what they see as success and what the aim is for them. Find common ground as much as possible. And actually, do the asking first.

3) Do not pretend to know it all, be it all or have it all worked out. Ask for permission to make mistakes and give room for others to do the same. Teaching is a petrie dish where mistakes must occur to learn. Lets all fucking relax and get over ourselves.

4) Ask for help. And then even more importantly, actually receive said help.

I've heard the horror stories of teachers not wanting to be too much, too big, too demanding, too self-important and on. Not asking for anything. Ever. Then they get tired, feel mistreated and its kind of a bummer.

And I've heard the horror stories of the yoga teachers who prance and dance and expect an Oscar-style royal carpet ride to the hall of fame express. Also a royal bummer if you get my drift.

I'll offer that there must be some kind of middle way. Asking for what one needs. Being met there. Finding grace. And doing the good hard work together.

Livia Shapiro