Katie Lane

photo courtesty of https://www.katielane.co.nz/about 

photo courtesty of https://www.katielane.co.nz/about 

KATIE LANE has been teaching yoga and facilitating spaces for group learning and exploration since 2005. She sees yoga as an invitation to step into a deep relationship with ourselves on every level – body, mind, heart. Katie believes that embodied awareness is the foundation for thriving in the relational life. Her hope is that we cultivate a deeply intimate awareness in our practice so that what grows through yoga over the time is the possibility of really knowing ourselves and the empowerment of being able to make choices on and off the mat that truly serve us and those we relate with. 

Deeply informed by long time studies in non-dual Tantra (modern yoga philosophy) and current interests in applied psychology and Non Violent Communication (NVC), Katie weaves both practicality and soulful intention into her teaching in ways that are accessible, down to earth, and change making. She is an ERYT-500, Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS). Outside of her work with groups, she is devoted to sharing the healing potential of yoga in one-on-one yoga therapy. Off the mat, Katie is currently working towards a Masters in Counseling and soon begins a three year training in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing.

Which courses have you taken with Applied Psychology for Yogis?: Emotional Literacy for Yogis. I think I've taken ALL of them!?

What attracted you to these courses?: I felt like there was a conversation that was needing to happen in the yoga community that wasn't happening. I wasn't exactly sure what it was but when I started this course I realized that psycho-social considerations were a massive part of it. 
In my own life I had experienced a clarity and understanding on my yoga mat that dissolved in many ways when I stepped off the mat into the relational world. I saw this in others and witnessed the same patterns (and fallout from it!) happening in yoga communities. I was curious about how can we could use yoga as the platform within which we could better understand ourselves and use what we find to better understand our interactions with others.

What are 3 ways the course influenced you in your personal life? What about your professional life?: 1) This course gave me some terminology and framework to begin to contextualise and understand few major interpersonal situations that were happening in my life.
2) It enabled me to understand and then own my experience/s of complex trauma.
3) It gave me a new layer of language to bring into conversation with the eastern paradigm/s I had studied in yoga.
4) It gave me a framework to better understand the experience my students were having as well as my own experience with dealing with their experience :) 
5) I realised the absolute vitalness of a psychosocial understanding for individual, relational, and community thriving.

How have you applied the course materials to your work?: The coursework sparked a massive several years of ongoing self study for me. Reading the recommended readings, then going on to read the recommendations of those authors, and so on ... Your course gave me signposts which have taken me into a whole new path with my teaching ... How I use my instructions, when I decide to touch or not touch a study, better considering scope of practice, etc. I could go on and on. 

The learning went on from your course ... 
I launched into doing study in trauma with Bessel van der Kolk, David Emerson at the Trauma Center, and with Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I dove back into studying and practicing Non Violent Communication. I'm going back for a Masters in Counselling alongside getting trained in Somatic Experiencing.
The nature of my work continues to deepen. 

I teach workshops and intensives that bring deeper elements of embodiment and what it means to be sensate creatures with emotional landscapes into the asana laboratory.

What benefits have you observed in your work (and students, if applicable) since incorporating these teachings?: The experience of teaching (and of my students in practice) seems much more grounded and anchored.
Permission to explore movement (inner and outer) with the spirit of curiosity and compassion has emerged.
An even clearer understanding that our history of embodied experience governs our present moment awareness (posturally in terms of movement and emotionally in terms of how we relate)
The value of and good choices made around titration and resourcing

What advice would you give to new APFY students?: Livia synthesizes and shares a tremendous amount of information in her courses! It has taken some time, a few years, for all of it to truly sink in and to find its authentic and anchored way into my yoga practice and into my teaching. Don't be in a rush. Dive in, take notes, let it wash over you, steep in the material for awhile. Little by little, following what calls and compels you, this exploration will change you and change the way you view yourself and the world you engage wit

Name: Katie Lane

Email Address: info@katielane.co.nz

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Website: http://www.katielane.co.nz

Are you a studio owner? If yes, where? If no, where do you teach?: I am no longer a studio owner but I am still affiliated with my former yoga studio - Grassroots Yoga / Christchurch - offering workshops, teacher training, etc.
I currently teach at Space Yoga & Mindfulness in Wellington and will be offering programs at Urban Yoga too.
I also travel and teach workshops and retreats.

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