Name: Tania Medel

Email Address: thmedel@gmail.com

Location: Boulder, CO

Find her at Origins Yoga Therapy.

 Tania is a Yoga Fan - Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditator, Mindful Living Advocate, Truth Seeker, Love Believer, Social Justice Campaigner, World Traveler, Life Experiencer, Mountains Devotee. Tania graduated with a BA (Honors) from the Swiss Hotel Management School in Caux-Montreux, Switzerland. 

After a highly successful career as a human resources director, I felt that my energies and enthusiasm would be better suited in a career more near and dear to my heart. My past positions had given me insight into employee wellness and after taking a health risk assessment and determining that my body wasn’t operating at full capacity, I chose to parlay my passion for yoga and mindful living into a lifelong career. Additional schooling followed, with the practices of yoga and meditation allowing me to not only transform my own physical, mental and emotional health but to effectively guide others in doing the same.

am currently in the process of obtaining Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy certification, while simultaneously serving the Denver/Boulder communities with Origins Yoga. It is my wish to serve others by helping restore the mind-body connection in all of us, and through helping individuals live richer, longer and more fulfilling lives. 

Tania has lived in four different countries where she learned valuable life skills, mainly, she learned that survival meant adapting to constant changes with an open mind and heart, trusting the process.

What attracted you to APFY courses?

I've always been a fan of psychology and what makes humans tick. I'm fascinated by the workings of the mind and have a passion for yoga practices, these courses combined two subjects that are near and dear to my heart.

What are ways the course influenced you in your personal & professional life?

 I've learned how to articulate my emotions or workings of my mind that were part of me for my whole life, yet didn't know how to express them.

I've learned how to have more compassion for others, knowing that past trauma and/or experiences are not entirely who we are and that there is a whole spectrum of being that humans fall into.

I enjoyed being able to interact with a larger community of mindful yogis who are committed to the practice and to constant evolution. 
Professionally, these courses have given me more confidence in showing up fully to my students and clients.

What benefits have you observed in your work (and students, if applicable) since incorporating these teachings?: 

More confidence, encouragement, and understanding

What advice would you give to new APFY students?

To keep up with the coursework since the very first week so it doesn't pile up. It is better to digest each session with personal and professional work week by week rather than trying to crumbling it all in in a couple of weeks or months. Relax, breathe and en-joy! :)

Livia Shapiro