About Julie

Julie is a dedicated yoga teacher and student, deeply impassioned by yoga’s innate power of transformation. She teaches classes with clear instruction and intelligent sequencing to help you feel integrated, strong, balanced, and freely in touch with your spirit. Julie’s classes are alive and she’s often called “a burst of prana”.  In Julie’s yoga classes you’ll get an infusion of varied Tantric lineages brought to light with a mix of deep wonder for yoga and understanding that the teachings need a practical approach to take root. Julie’s core belief is that yoga is a powerful medium for activating personal growth, spiritual connection, creative vigor, physical health, and collective awareness. She aims to help students redefine what it means to live more mindfully in a challenging yet supremely beautiful world. Connect with Julie at shaktiyogany.com.

What attracted you to these courses? I think the psych approach to what happens in the yoga classroom is essential to being a more refined teacher, as well as student. I'm fascinated by the process of learning

What are 3 ways the course influenced you in your personal life? What about your professional life? I'm way more sensitive to how people come into a yoga classroom, and more sensitive in understanding behaviors. 

In personal life, pretty much the same. More sensitive and aware of also my own needs as they arise, so I can respond better, speak my needs clearer, avoid conflict. Or deal with conflict better

What benefits have you observed in your work (and students, if applicable) since incorporating these teachings? I think students feel more free and welcome to be who they are any given day in the yoga scenario.

What advice would you give to new APFY students? Be open to learn amazing things about yourself, the human mind, and how we relate to each other!

Livia Shapiro