Gina weaves yoga’s wisdom and with life’s ever-unfolding process, masterfully bringing it alive and radically embodied through breath, muscle, and bone, creating a rich and magically alchemical experience through her teaching. Dynamic alignment principles, intelligent sequencing, and thematic metaphor infuse her engaging instruction, with a presence that is weighty, compassionate, and inviting. A “pillar of Grace” in the Atlanta yoga community, she is sought out for her charisma and passion, breadth of knowledge, mad alignment skills, and ongoing breakthrough experiences. Practicing and teaching yoga since 1999, she is committed to disciplined work infused with laughter and light-heartedness. Gina is an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and the director and senior teacher of Yoga Collective in Atlanta, GA, where she leads BODY of LIGHT Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training. Visit for more info.

Which attracted you to Applied Psychology for Yogis?

I knew I was ready to dive deeper into the intersection between yoga and psychology. It was a gaping hole in my own personal practice as well as teaching. I knew Livia's background as well and so felt the resonance to join the course.

How has APFY influenced you in your personal & professional life?

 I learned so much about my own psycho-social-emotional process. It brought a whole new domain of literacy and functionality online. I am more grounded and embodied than ever, and can trust my body to anchor my experiences. It helped me to understand others in this way as well, both my personal relationships as well as my professional. I feel I offer a safer and stronger container for my yoga classes.

How have you applied the course materials to your work? 

My sense of self and what is arising in me is more established so I am able to hold the container of the yoga room more fully and clearly. I also have a deeper understanding of how to assist my students into and through their own process in their practice.

What benefits have you observed in your work since incorporating these teachings?

I feel there is a greater sense of trust with my students, that we go deeper in the class without them necessarily realizing why that is happening. I feel more secure in myself so I am less effected by my students projections or the ups and downs of the dramas of teaching yoga.

What advice would you give to new APFY students?

 I don't have any advice, except to trust what has guided you to sign up, and to go gently but fully into the work.

Livia Shapiro